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After creating an account, you'll be able to track your payment status, track the confirmation and you can also rate the tour after you finished the tour.
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Welcome to Your Preferred Tours help and Tips section, and thank you for travelling with us.  

This is an effort to answer all the many questions you may have while preparing for your trip. By so doing,  we hope such will help you to be more prepared for your vacation thereby spend more time just enjoying yourself, by taking most of the worry out of the trip. Besides, we are right there with you as your travel companion to answer more questions if you happen to have more.

Your Tour Leader

Personal touch is what distinguishes memorable  travel experiences from being just good, to being outstanding. Our Tour Leaders  are professionals and foremost passionate about travel, they have traveled  to many destinations in the world, are always delighted to share their experiences with our Travelers.. Thereby are up to the task to make your journey away from home an experience to remember, to talk about to friends and family.

Each Tour Leader has experienced an excellent and hands on training  program, and many have no less than five years’ involvement added to their repertoire. Your Tour Leader will deal with the majority of the calculated subtleties and arranging of your excursion to guarantee that everything runs flawlessly all through you’re the many places you will visit. Thus they will likewise be your companion as you travel. Their help and care empowers you to be loose and agreeable as you experience new places and societies.

Our Tour Leaders are as intrigued to hear your story as they are enthusiastic to share their own, in order to foresee your necessities and give those individual contacts that amazement and joy our visitors at whatever point they travel with Your Preferred Tours .


Every one travelling must guarantee that their Passport  is valid  for a minimum of  a half year past of the projected return date or  the end of their excursion.  Visit your Government website to know if a visa is required for your selected destinations

It would be required  that you convey legal and international ID  with you consistently,  so that when and if crossing borders you have all that is required by each country.

Travel / Medical Protection Plan /

Travellers are responsible  to carry health insurance while on the trip, we recommend you to purchase a travel health insurance if your health insurance won’t cover you while abroad. You may inquiry on how to obtain such coverage.

Your Preferred Tours suggests that all Travelers buy complete Travel Insurance. Certain countries have a necessity for guests to have substantial medicinal protection on section and in Europe you may find that specialist medical procedures, dental specialists and emergency clinics frequently require installment in real money before giving administrations. While uncommon, medical emergency  can be particularly costly when traveling abroad.

Also, no obligation is acknowledged for harm, misfortune, or deferral to stuff or any of a visitor’s things all through the length of the journey. Therefore and for your safety and peace of mind  when traveling  we recommend that you are covered for trip for the following  ;

  • Trip Cancellation or abrupt interruption of your vacation due to medical or other reasons
  • Medical costs and personal accidents
  • Loss or damage to your property and Luggage  
  • Loss of cash and  credit cards etc.

Do make sure to bring a duplicate of your arrangement, contact telephone numbers and subtleties of how to contact the provider in case of an emergency.


By and large, it is required to check in at least and half two hours before a local flight and three hours before an international flight, during high travel seasons please even allow more time. This permits you a lot of time to check in and go through security as some cities can be very crowed, you may encounter long lines due to increase of security for more info. Online registration implies you can spare time at the air terminal by checking in for your flight through the site before going to the Airport, but with luggage in the mix, going to the airlines counters will most likely be necessary.


It would be ideal if you check your airline tickets cautiously, take particularly time to see if you have multiple carriers and pay attention to each carrier details  the same number of carriers have code share concurrences with another aircraft. This means  you may go from carrier upon leaving and switch into another carrier, pay attention to carrier name and number and if carrier is flying for another airline.

If you have a connection , pay attention to gate number and terminal, make sure to get to them first before giving yourself time to perhaps do some last minute shopping at the airport. That will help you not to miss the flight as you are in the vicinity and monitor to all changes that may occur to you final destination.

Your Luggage

Customary for airlines is 23kg (50lbs) in weight, with of 76cm x 46cm x 25cm (30″ x 18″ x 10″). Visitors may likewise bring one thing of hand baggage that is little and light enough to  pass airline requirements. Usually the first checked bag is free plus one carry on. However please check your reservation with your airline to see their specific allowances


A morning lavish buffet is incorporated day by day and will most likely reflect the culture of the visiting country. But will most likely consist of familiar dish, therefore will enjoy breakfast to start your day prepared.  Specially on long travel days we recommend you don t skip breakfast.

It good to bring some snacks, that will help keep coach ride interesting specially on the long journeys.


The majority of countries do have safe drinking water. In EU and Western Europe, water is considered  safe to drink. However not all countries meet the same standard regarding drinking water; however, Please check with hotel to see if water is drinkable everywhere in Hotel.
Please note: Its great to keep hydrated when you travel specially during summertime bottled water is available to purchase at the hotels or sometimes aboard our coaches.

Our Luxurious Coach

Modern air-conditioned coaches have been selected with your comfort in mind. Very recent or brand new models thereby is usually equipped with latest tools. For safety reasons, any hot drinks consumed on board must have a lid. As our coaches are non-smoking, rest stops also provide an opportunity for those who wish to smoke. Travelers to make every effort to keep bus clean.


No particular seat assignment, although some people are particular into using the same seat , or seat next to a particular person, if that is the case we encourage you to make effort to be among the first in the coach, thereby ensuring you have your desired seat.  But we certainly encourage all to mingle so new friends are created, new bonds are formed.


We recommend of all to maintain a cordial, respectful attitude, environment towards one another.  In doing a so trip is more enjoyable, making it a reality to make wonderful memories..


Complimentary Wi-Fi is usually though not guaranteed on all coaches, but if available commonly accessible. Some countries will give access to 4G or better but some may still utilizes 3G. We recommend you contact your phone carrier for usage outside of your coverage service area.

A significant number of us always have the most recent telephones, cameras and tablets. Be careful about appearing off in crowded places, and never leave them on  restaurant tables, bars, hotel rooms, and open spots (breakfast rooms) unattended.


Keep packs with you consistently and if conceivable wear the lash over your body. When visiting swarmed places, guarantee the sack is worn on the facade of the body. Be aware of keep cash or resources in your bag.


Ensure your identifications, and all important info about you, personal, medical, financial, are kept with you safely, and constantly protected. Some hotels provide safe boxes in the rooms please use at your own discretion.


We are recommending to travel with light cash, and  keep them in the front pocket or places that you have full visibility on. Pick pocketing is a widely spread issue, protect your cash at all time. Call your financial institution ahead of time to tell them of your travel plan so they can monitor your purchase activities. If you wish to change your money into the local currency we recommend that you do so at your financial institution BEFORE leaving your country of origin


When leaving your room, safely close all windows and close on the way out to your room,  double check to guarantee it appropriately bolts. Make sure to keep your room key securely on you.


Kindly be mindful when crossing streets. For many / most countries drivers drive on the right while in Britain and Ireland drivers drive on the left. Be aware of the streets traffic signals and cross when only it safe


Maintain a strategic distance from scenery that can escalade in disruption, and if whenever a circumstance doesn’t feel right, simply leave the area.


In the in all respects impossible circumstance you wind up in the region of an antagonistic occurrence, leave quickly and contact the police – call 112 in Europe/999 in the UK. On the off chance that you can’t leave, find some place to hide, lock the entryway and keep as tranquil as could reasonably be expected. Make sure to turn your telephone to silence and contact the police.

Be as mindful to current security issues in the midst of a vacation as you are at home and behave accordingly.

At Your Preferred Tours, we intend to demonstrate to you a lot and dependably attempt to benefit as much as possible from each day of your vacation. So as to make that conceivable, we thank you ahead of time for your aptness, which helping every one of our travelers, given a chance to make the most of their time with us with less potential restraints.


Takeoff time is when everybody is situated and the coach is pulling far from the hotel or rest area, or current destination. Every effort will be made for all to be on coach before leaving. However we can not impact the schedule by waiting for someone, To all, addresses and next destinations will be provided, thus traveler will make own arrangement to meet the rest of the group a the next destination.


 Incorporated into your agenda and will for the most part include a decent measure of walking and remaining (just as sitting). Numerous avenues in many countries are limited and coach may not be allowed to drop travelers off the road . In spite of the fact that we will surely attempt to get you as close as possible, some walking ought to be foreseen, thereby the need to wear comfortable shoes. Below are what and how to expect a daily outing

There are various terms used to portray touring activities in the schedule and there are slight contrasts in their significance.

•           See – Observe sights while going by on your mentor, voyage or train.

•           Sightseeing visit – A Local Specialist may go with you on a tour  of a city or site.

•           Time to unwind and find – Free time individually.

•           View – A timely stop to appreciate the sights and take some photographs.

•           Visit – A pause with time to appreciate a particular site.

•           “will  see” or “may be visited” – These expressions refer to Optional Experiences excluded in the excursion bundle but rather which are accessible for an extra charge. Your Tour Leader will be glad to furnish you with data in regards to these, or different manners by which to invest your free energy.

To enable you to customize Your Preferred Tours participation, you will find various Optional Excursions intended to supplement the schedule. These are intended to offer a more profound knowledge into the way of life and culture, history of the countries or cities visited. Although incorporated in the program, they are on fee basis, Refer to particular excursion of the particular tour for the its price.


Although many countries do accept credit card usage, however some streets merchant particularly may take cash only. Thereby the need to have some on hand cash although limited. Before leaving for your trip please change all currencies you intend to use, as exchange money places may not be within your immediate surroundings while traveling.

When intending to utilize credit and check cards abroad we suggest that you inform your bank and credit card issuers preceding your flight to give them data with respect to where you are making a trip.  Ask them all relevant question to your trip and to your destinations, making sure you have the flexibility to use your cards at will.

Will I have down Time ?

Every schedule offers some downtime and relaxations. We additionally offer you the chance to tailor your outing with Optional Experiences. We try our best to maintain the trip on  daily scheduled, and incorporate some half a day or full day free to explore on your own.  

Web /Internet

Complimentary Wi-Fi is accessible in numerous guestrooms as well as open regions of generally inns. On certain events, it might require an entrance code from inn staff.  Most times is written in the hotels lobby or can easily be obtained with the hotel staff.

Some additional recommendations

Packing light

Bring a light Jacket, Light Sweaters, a small umbrella.

Bring some sweat pants as we will be on the road almost every other day  for 6hrs plus

Bring snacks for the road

Bring comfortable shoes , and closed toes lots of walking

Bring cash just enough, or use credit card there is an exchange fee usually from most banks

Bring as fewer as possible credit cards

Bring a closed or zipped purse ladies, be mindful of your wallets gentleman ( Pick pockets)

Weather  Advisory

Two weeks before travelling its recommended to check into the cities to be visited so you may have more accurate idea of weather, thereby will help to know what to bring

Electricity /Gadgets

Please get an electricity converter for your electronic gadgets, will allow you to charge you multiple electronic devices ( cell phone, tablets, etc..) about  you easily get from tragolink.com our partner   https://www.tragolink.com/shop/  place order to ensure timely delivery   

Refund Penalty for Land Only Packages
90 days or more: $300
89-45 days: $700
44-7 days: The greater of $1000 or 50%
6-0 days: 100%

Refund Penalty for Land and Air Packages
180 days or more: $500
179-150 days: $1000
149-100 days: The greater of $1500 or 50%
99-30 days: 75% 29 days to 0 days: 100%

We want to wish all travelers a wonderful and safe vacation, your preferred tours

We know you have many choice, therefore we thank you for choosing to  travel the world with us

  • Pricing Based on Single & Double Occupancy.
  • 1 adult staying in the room the price will have single occupancy surcharge.
  • 2 adults staying in the room, the base price will be charged.
  • 3 adults staying in the room, the base price will be charged.
  • For Children (Upto 9 years old), the regular price will be charged.
  • Maximum People Per Room: 3

*All Prices are exclusive of Air fare.


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