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Join us on an unforgettable expedition through Portugal and Spain, where Old World charm meets modern vitality. Traverse the picturesque Douro Valley, savoring exquisite wines and breathtaking vistas. Stroll through the medieval alleys of Toledo, where time seems to stand still, and delve into the Moorish legacies of Granada's Alhambra. From the mystical streets of Sintra to the bustling markets of Barcelona, this tour is a tapestry of cultures, flavors, and architectural marvels. Embrace the spirit of exploration as you uncover the treasures of two nations, united by their unique histories and boundless allure.

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$2899.00 $3299.00 Land Only

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  • Day 1

    Departure to Madrid: A Pathway to Culture and Adventure

  • Day 2



    Welcome to Madrid 

    Upon your arrival in Madrid, our dedicated private transfer will convey you comfortably to your hotel.

    The remainder of the day is yours to unwind and explore Madrid at your leisure.

    Madrid, a city enriched with history and culture, boasts lively streets pulsating with vitality. Its allure rests in remarkable landmarks, elegant fountains, world-renowned museums, breathtaking architecture, charming parks, and inviting squares, all waiting to be discovered.

    Beyond the celebrated museums, the bustling avenues adorned with a variety of shops, and a plethora of international culinary options, Madrid's tranquil historical enclaves are poised to captivate every wandering soul.

    Overnight Madrid 


  • Day 3



    Madrid to Porto: A Journey Across Iberian Splendors

    After having a delightful breakfast, you will set forth on your journey to the charming city of Porto.

    En route, a captivating interlude awaits in the enchanting city of Salamanca. Here, you'll have the opportunity to explore at your leisure, delving into the treasures of this esteemed university city. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Salamanca boasts an opulent tapestry of architecture and artistry.

    Continuing your voyage, you'll traverse towards the Portuguese border, your path unfurling until the picturesque city of Porto unveils itself.

    Nestled along the banks of the Douro River, Porto stands as a global icon for its esteemed port wine. As Portugal's second-largest city, it pulsates with commercial vigor and industrial vitality. The venerable heart of Porto, anointed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996, beckons you to explore its storied charms.

    YPT Tip: During your sojourn in Salamanca, seize the chance to visit the New Cathedral. As you approach this Gothic masterpiece, your gaze will unravel an array of intricate details, including whimsical carvings like an astronaut, a mirthful monkey savoring ice cream, and a graceful stork.

    Overnight Porto

  • Day 4



    Porto: Northern Gem of Portugal

    After having a delectable breakfast, you will set off on a captivating half-day tour of Porto.

    Our initial destination is the illustrious Stock Exchange Palace (Palacio de Bolsa). As a National Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this architectural marvel stands within the city's historic core, having been crafted by the Porto Commercial Association upon the foundations of the Church of Saint Francis.

    With a history steeped in grandeur, the palace has welcomed esteemed dignitaries including Monarchs, Presidents, and Ministers from across the globe. Today, it remains a testament to Porto's magnificence, claiming its place as the most frequented monument in northern Portugal.

    Following this, we will delve into the world of renowned wine cellars, where a delightful wine tasting awaits your indulgence. Subsequently, we embark on a boat excursion, promising a truly mesmerizing encounter with the city's scenic splendor.

    As the afternoon unfurls,  the freedom  is your to uncover the hidden treasures that grace this splendid city.

    YPT Tip: Don't miss the opportunity to visit Livraria Lello & Irmão. Nestled in the heart of Porto, this extraordinary bookstore, housed within a neo-gothic edifice from 1906, is a veritable work of art, adorned with intricate wood paneling that immerses you in the ambiance of the nineteenth century.

    Overnight Porto


  • Day 5



    Porto to Fatima: Pilgrimage and Passage Through Portugal

    After breakfast, your journey will lead you to Coimbra, home to one of Europe's most ancient universities. This esteemed institution, nestled upon the grounds of a former palace, boasts illustrious features such as the opulent Baroque Joanina Library and a striking 18th-century bell tower.

    Coimbra stands as the birthplace of fado, the traditional Portuguese music that resonates throughout its cobblestone streets. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's allure, navigating its cultural tapestry at your leisure.

    Continuing our voyage, we proceed to Fatima, a hallowed epicenter of the Christian Faith and a venerated World Pilgrimage Sanctuary. The resplendent grandeur of the Sanctuary of Fátima and the sacred Cova da Iria, where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared, will leave an indelible mark on your senses.

    YPT Tip: Much like other Portuguese cities, Coimbra boasts a plethora of bakeries and patisseries. Observe locals sipping coffee in the streets as they relish traditional delights like pastel de Belem (also known as pastel de nata) or queijadas.

    Indulge in the enchantment of Coimbra and Fatima as you embark on this remarkable expedition.

    Overnight Fatima 

  • Day 6



    Exploring Portugal's Heritage: Fatima, Batalha, Nazare, Alcobaça, Lisbon

    After breakfast, your day unfurls with a visit to the majestic Batalha Monastery. This venerable Dominican Convent was erected in honor of the Portuguese triumph over the Castilians in the historic Battle of Aljubarrota of 1385.

    Across the ensuing two centuries, this sanctuary evolved into a paramount architectural pursuit of the Portuguese monarchy. The monastery is characterized by a distinct national Gothic style adorned with the grace of Manueline artistry, culminating in the resplendent jewel of the Royal Cloister.

    Continuing our expedition, we make way for Nazare, a quaint coastal haven that preserves its spirited fishing heritage. This idyllic village, now a sought-after haven for visitors, presents a picturesque tableau of fishmongers draped in the traditional seven skirts—a delightful tableau indeed.

    Our sojourn then leads us to Alcobaça, home to a venerable Gothic church and a Cistercian monastery with roots tracing back to the 12th century. This edifice of tranquility holds profound historical import and unveils mesmerizing architectural splendor.

    As twilight descends, we arrive in Lisbon, where you'll find your abode for the duration of your journey.

    YPT Tip: For an enriched evening, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring strains of Fado music. Elevate your experience by effortlessly adding this captivating musical interlude during the reservation process.

    Wishing you an exceptional journey of exploration and discovery!

    Overnight Lisbon

  • Day 7



    Lisbon’s Elegance: A City of Timeless Beauty

    After a tasty breakfast, you'll be joined by a local guide to embark on a captivating exploration of Lisbon, nestled at the mouth of the Tagus River.

    Our inaugural destination is the iconic Belém Tower, originally conceived as a defensive fortress before evolving into a customs hub and lighthouse. Crafted between 1515 and 1519 by the skilled hands of Francisco de Arruda, this marvel was acclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.

    In close proximity, the illustrious Jerónimos Monastery beckons. Here, you'll encounter the final resting place of Vasco da Gama, the famed Portuguese explorer whose endeavors opened the illustrious spice route to India.

    Our voyage continues to the Monument of the Discoveries (Padrão dos Descobrimentos), a captivating testament to Portugal's Age of Discovery and its illustrious history.

    The ensuing afternoon unfurls at your leisure, presenting a splendid opportunity to traverse the enchanting tapestry of the Alfama district. Renowned for its quaint low dwellings, meandering alleys, and vivacious street art, Alfama captures the essence of Lisbon's Arab-infused urban layout.

    As your day gracefully unfolds, a visit to the National Tile Museum beckons. Here, you'll delve into the rich history of this distinctive art form that graces the city's thoroughfares and structures.

    Relish every moment as you immerse yourself in the marvels of this extraordinary city!

    Overnight Lisbon 

  • Day 8



    Lisbon to Andalusia: A Journey of Splendors

    As the sun graces the horizon, your day begins with an early departure to the enchanting realm of Andalusia, a land imbued with a rich tapestry of history, culture, vivacious festivals, pristine natural havens, and a gastronomic heritage that tantalizes the senses.

    Amidst the annals of the Middle Ages, the fertile landscapes of Andalusia bore witness to the captivating presence of Muslim civilizations. These profound influencers left an indelible mark upon the cultural fabric, becoming a wellspring of intellectual prowess and catalysts of progress across diverse domains. The echoes of this vibrant era resonate through the intricate arches of architecture, linguistic nuances, and cherished traditions, including the spirited rhythms of flamenco and the evocative dances of the Romani community. Andalusia serves as a living testament to Spain's essence, casting its allure far and wide.

    Our inaugural destination leads us to the beguiling city of Cáceres, anointed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This city boasts a mesmerizing blend of Romanesque, Islamic, Gothic, and Italian Renaissance architecture. Strolling through the Plaza Mayor and meandering the medieval quarter is an invitation to traverse time and embrace the echoes of history.

    Continuing our voyage, we set our course toward Cordoba, a luminous jewel in Andalusia's crown. Cordoba once reigned as the regal capital of the Caliphate, an Islamic dominion ruled by the venerable Umayyad dynasty from 929 to 1031.

    YPT Tip: Andalusia beckons with a symphony of flavors, each waiting to dance upon your palate. Immerse yourself in the world of Montilla-Morilla wines, relish the classic allure of "pescaíto frito" – a dish of fresh fried fish – savor the liquid gold of olive oil, and discover the harmonious delights of gazpacho and "salmorejo." Indulge in a culinary journey that reflects the heart and soul of Andalusia.

    Overnight Cordoba

  • Day 9



    Andalusian Echoes: From Cordoba to Seville

    After a delightful breakfast, a fascinating opportunity awaits you - a visit to the captivating Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. This architectural marvel serves as a splendid testament to the harmonious blend of Islamic and Christian influences. Originally conceived as a grand mosque during the era of Islamic dominion, it later underwent a metamorphosis into a majestic cathedral after the Reconquista campaign. Within its walls, one witnesses a tangible chronicle of the historical coexistence of diverse religions and cultures that have woven the fabric of Córdoba's identity.

    As the day evolves, our journey leads us forward to the vibrant city of Seville.

    YPT Tip: Seville claims a distinguished legacy as the birthplace of tapas - those delectable bite-sized treasures savored across Spain. Legend narrates that King Alfonso XIII, facing a gusty day, shielded his sherry glass with a slice of ham, a "tapa," to ward off dust. This simple act has blossomed into a cherished culinary tradition that transcends boundaries, adorning tables and tantalizing palates throughout the nation.

    Overnight Seville 

  • Day 10



    Seville: Where Inspiration Comes to Life

    After a scrumptious breakfast before embarking on an enriching guided tour through the heart of Seville. This iconic city, steeped in a tapestry of history, culture, and artistry, stands as an emblem of allure for travelers from across the globe.

    Our exploration begins at the enchanting María Luisa Park, an exquisite creation by French landscaper Forestier for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. Here, you'll witness the allure of neosevillain style, a beacon of inspiration that radiated its influence over the early Spanish public parks of the century's first decades.

    Our journey unfurls to the grandeur of the Plaza de España, a semi-elliptical masterpiece that symbolizes Spain's embrace of its former American dominions. Conceived by the adept hand of Sevillian architect Anibal Gonzalez, this sprawling plaza spans an impressive 50,000 square meters, rightfully claiming its place as Spain's most monumental square.

    Our odyssey culminates in the presence of the majestic Cathedral and the iconic Giralda tower, a timeless tribute to Seville's architectural opulence. Then, immerse yourself in the charms of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, a labyrinthine world of winding alleys, picturesque squares, and evocative streets.

    The remainder of the day is yours to bask in the splendor of this captivating city.

    YPT Tip: Embrace a visit to the renowned Seville Mushrooms, an architectural marvel nestled in the city's heart. Serving as a contested yet harmonious space, these contemporary structures stand as a testament to modern design. Ascend to the rooftop terrace for an unparalleled vista of Seville's skyline. Beneath the surface lies the Antiquarium, where ancient Roman remnants from Hispalis, dating back two millennia, unveil the city's rich history.

    Overnight Seville 

  • Day 11



    Seville, Ronda, and Costa del Sol: Andalusian Gems Unveiled

    After having delightful breakfast, as we make our way to the enchanting town of Ronda along the White Towns Route.

    Nestled on a precipice above the Guadalevín River, Ronda unveils its picturesque allure. The historic heart of the town brims with iconic treasures, showcasing a renowned bullring that has earned its place among the world's most celebrated. The antiquity of its bridge and the allure of its Arab baths further enrich its historical and monumental splendor.

    Bask in the liberty to explore this Andalusian gem at your leisure before we continue our expedition to the modern and beloved Costa del Sol, a magnet for enthusiastic tourists.

    YPT Tip: Ensure you capture a glimpse of the Puente Nuevo, or the New Bridge, a grand architectural masterpiece with a storied history spanning over two centuries. A symbol of Malaga's magnificence, this majestic structure stands as a testament to the city's enduring legacy.

    Overnight Costa Del Sol

  • Day 12



    From Costa del Sol to Granada: A Radiant Passage Through Andalusia

    After a tasty breakfast, our path unfurls towards the beguiling city of Granada. As we ascend Sabikah Hill, brace yourself for a breathtaking encounter with the resplendent Alhambra Palace, its rose-tinted walls casting an enchanting spell.

    With our exclusive "skip-the-line" privilege, we step seamlessly into the palace's embrace, embarking on a journey through an extraordinary masterpiece.

    The Alhambra, an illustrious UNESCO World Heritage Site often hailed as the Eighth Wonder of the World, extends an invitation to a realm adorned with opulence and beauty. From regal chambers to palatial enclaves, every nook and cranny breathes life into riveting tales of history.

    Guided by our expert, you'll traverse through intricately adorned rooms, verdant courtyards, and gardens that whisper secrets of a fortress born in the 9th century. The Alhambra presents a wondrous tapestry of Islamic and Renaissance architecture, a harmonious marriage exemplified by the Nasrid and Charles V Palaces.

    YPT Tip: The name "Alhambra" traces its roots to Arabic, translating to "red castle," a homage to the warm crimson hues that adorn its towers and walls, a living testament to the palace's historical legacy.

    Overnight Costa Del Sol

  • Day 13



    From Granada to Madrid: Traversing Spain's Rich Tapestry

    After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we set our course northward toward the splendid Imperial City of Toledo. Cradled within the embrace of the majestic Tagus River, this city rises towards the heavens, an embodiment of Castilian grandeur. Prepare to be spellbound by its alluring allure.

    Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage City, beckons with a narrative woven by the harmonious coexistence of Christians, Muslims, and Jews. This synergy has etched a profound legacy upon its tapestry of history and culture. Toledo stands as a living testament to Spanish artistry, history, and spiritual essence, a treasure trove that has earned its place as a resplendent National Monument.

    As we bid adieu to Toledo and return to Madrid, the evening journey is yours to orchestrate, allowing you the liberty to unwind and rejuvenate after a day brimming with exploration.

    YPT Tip: Don't let the opportunity slip away to indulge in the legendary "marzipan," a delectable almond confection that Toledo is renowned for. Let your taste buds embark on this delightful journey through local flavors.

    Overnight Granada 

  • Day 14


    Goodbye Madrid: Until We Meet Again

    After relishing a delightful breakfast, a transfer will await you, ready to whisk you away to Madrid-Barajas International Airport at the appointed hour, ensuring a seamless connection for your international flight.

About This Trip

What is included

What is included

1-night Accomodation in Madrid in 4 stars accommodation
2-nights Accomodation in Porto in 4 stars accommodation
1-night Accomodation in Fatima in 4 stars accommodation
2-nights Accomodation in Lisbon in 4 stars accommodation.
1-night Accomodation in Cordoba in 4 stars accommodation
2-nights Accomodation in Seville in 4 stars accommodation
1-night Accomodation in Costa del Sol in 4 stars accommodation
1-night Accomodation in Granada in 4 stars accommodation
English speaking guide throughout the tour
Everyday Delights: Awaken to Daily Breakfast
All transfers as mentioned in this itinerary.
Transportation by luxury coach

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Meals, unless listed in your itinerary
Porterage of suitcases at hotels, airports, unless listed in your itinerary
Tips for drivers, Group Leaders s and other services
Supplements or optional tours as listed
Visa, passport, and entry/exit fees
Some excursions if not mentioned Optional

Sightseeing highlights

Stock Exchange Palace, a historic gem in Porto, born from the Porto Commercial Association atop Saint Francis Church.
Fatima, a profound center of Christian devotion and a revered global pilgrimage sanctuary.
Batalha Monastery, an awe-inspiring Dominican Convent erected to honor Portugal's triumph
Jerónimos Monastery, home to the final resting place of Vasco da Gama, the legendary Portuguese explorer.
María Luisa Park: Where French Elegance Blooms, a Tribute to 1929's Ibero-American Spectacle
Alfama: Its quaint low houses, narrow streets, and lively street art create a picturesque maze of charm waiting to be explored.

Travel highlights

Specific transfer information can be found here:
Salamanca Enchantment: Unveiling Riches During Your Journey
Porto Explored: Delving into Portugal's Thriving Commercial Heart
Batalha Monastery, an awe-inspiring Dominican Convent erected to honor Portugal's triumph Jerónimos Monastery
Alcobaça for a 12th-century Gothic church, Cistercian monastery, and captivating history and architecture
Discover the charm of Belém Tower: Originally a fortress, it evolved into a customs center and even a lighthouse!
Granada! As Sabikah Hill unfolds, the rosy walls of the Alhambra Palace enchant your senses


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