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Embark on a transformative 9-day journey through the heart of Greece, exploring Athens, Olympia, Delphi, and the awe-inspiring Meteora. Immerse yourself in the cradle of Western civilization as you unveil ancient treasures like the Acropolis and Oracle of Delphi. Traverse from the iconic Olympia to the ethereal Meteora, where monasteries perch atop towering rock formations. This adventure promises a harmonious blend of history, culture, and natural wonders, creating an unforgettable odyssey through the rich tapestry of Greece's past and present

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$1679.00 $1975.00 Land Only

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  • Day 1

    Depart to wonderful Greece Athens, Corinth, Delphi, Meteora, Kalambaka

  • Day 2



    Athens: Birthplace of Civilization

    Upon your arrival in Athens, we'll seamlessly transfer you to your hotel in our comfortable vehicles, accompanied by an English-speaking assistant dedicated to your comfort and well-being.

    Later in the day, our representative will meet you at the hotel to provide comprehensive trip details. Prepare for an insightful presentation about the city's dynamic lifestyle, offering you valuable insights. Feel free to seek clarity and prepare for a smooth journey ahead.

    The remainder of the day is yours to explore Athens at your own pace, immersing yourself in its captivating offerings.

    YPT Tip: Elevate your experience by extending your stay easily. Add more nights during the booking process for an enriched journey!

    Overnight Athens 

  • Day 3



    Athens Unveiled: Acropolis, Temple of Zeus & Nighttime Exploration

    Commence your day with a delectable breakfast before embarking on an enriching panoramic excursion of Athens' Neoclassical Center. Accompanied by a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, you'll be treated to captivating narratives about the historical and cultural significance of the landmarks.

    Athens' Neoclassical Center encompasses prominent sites like the Parliament building, housing the Hellenic Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Notable institutions such as the University of Athens, the National Library of Greece, and the National Academy of Athens further adorn the district. The journey continues with highlights such as the Ilion Palace, the Temple of Zeus and Hadrian's Gate, and the iconic Panathenaic Stadium.

    Prepare to be awe-struck by the renowned Acropolis and the captivating Acropolis Museum, both accessible with included entrance fees, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in their splendor.

    Following this, you have the option to return to your hotel or venture into the captivating streets of Plaka for unhurried exploration.

    As twilight falls, join our guided Athens night tour, exploring the enchanting neighborhoods of Anafiotika, Thissio, Monastiraki, and Plaka. Witness their allure under the moonlit sky, experiencing their true charm.

    YPT Tip: In Plaka, seize the opportunity to discover enticing treasures, ranging from exquisite ceramics and musical instruments to handcrafted jewelry. Additionally, indulge in the sensory delights of specialty food stores brimming with olives and spices, providing a true culinary adventure.

    Overnight Athens 

  • Day 4



    Enjoy a day of leisure in Athens with the option to enhance your experience through a captivating cruise tour to enchanting islands

    Today grants you the freedom to relish a leisurely day in Athens, free to do in Athens !!!, offering the chance to explore the city at your own rhythm. Alternatively, for those seeking an enchanting escapade, consider embarking on a captivating one-day cruise that whisks you away to three exquisite islands nestled within the scenic Saronic Gulf.

    Opting for the full-day cruise, you'll be efficiently transferred to the port to kick off your adventure. The itinerary encompasses visits to three distinct islands: Aegina, celebrated for its delightful array of pistachios; Poros, admired for its scenic splendor; and Hydra, the greenest jewel in this collection, adorned with graceful stone mansions, a serene ambiance, and car-free avenues.

    Aboard the ship, you can savor a mouthwatering lunch accompanied by traditional Greek melodies and dance. As the day concludes, you'll be conveniently transported back to your hotel, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Should you choose to explore Athens for the day, you'll have the liberty to uncover the city's rich history, lively culture, and iconic landmarks at your own unhurried pace.

    YPT Tip: For added convenience, consider adding the cruise during step 1/3 of your booking. And if you do, be sure to savor the various pistachio nut varieties cultivated on the renowned island of Aegina

    Overnight Athens 

  • Day 5



    Embark on a journey from Athens to Olympia, the legendary birthplace of the Olympic Games

    Embark on a remarkable journey as we first pause at the Corinth Canal to capture its magnificence and significance, then proceed to the famed Theater of Epidaurus, celebrated for its impeccable acoustics and contemporary performances. Our exploration continues with the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus, delving into the roots of modern medicine.

    Venturing to Mycenae, we'll unveil its treasures, including the prehistoric Acropolis, the renowned Lions Gate, and the tomb of Agamemnon.

    Later, we'll traverse the central Peloponnese region, finally reaching Olympia by early evening, where you'll check into your hotel, enjoy a satisfying dinner, and unwind.

    YPT Tip: Take time to stroll through the enchanting Old Town of Nafplio, characterized by its cobblestone alleys and vibrant Bougainvillea trees. Consider picking up a komboloyia, a circular chain with amber beads, as a meaningful memento for yourself or loved ones.

    Overnight Olympia

  • Day 6



    Onward to Delphi: Unveiling the Navel of the World from Olympia

    In the morning, your day begins with a visit to the ancient Olympic stadium, where the inaugural games took place around 776 BC.

    These games held profound significance, fostering unity among Greek cities through temporary truces. The Olympiad, marking four years between events, stood as a unique timekeeping measure in Greece.

    Olympia, a paramount sanctuary of Ancient Greece, was dedicated to Zeus, the foremost god. Phidias' monumental gold and ivory sculpture was hailed as one of the ancient world's seven wonders.

    Following your exploration, a visit to the Museum of Olympia awaits, followed by your journey over the remarkable Rion-Antirion Bridge, a marvel of modern engineering, leading you to Delphi.

    Arriving in Delphi, a satisfying dinner and well-deserved rest are in store.

    YPT Tip: As evening descends, seek the traditional charm of nearby Arachova, where you can unwind with a drink at a chic café or a local kafeneio (coffee shop)

    Overnight Delphi

  • Day 7



    Oracle to Meteora Magic: Exploring Kalambaka's Enchantment

    Commence your day with a delightful breakfast before embarking on a journey to Delphi, a revered UNESCO World Heritage site and the heart of the ancient world.

    This sacred site once hosted the renowned Oracle of Delphi, providing counsel to kings and pilgrims. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the Delphi Archaeological Museum, home to the exquisite "Bronze Charioteer," a masterpiece of Greek sculpture.

    As your insightful Delphi exploration concludes, descend Mount Parnassus and venture to the Thessaly plains, where the captivating city of Kalambaka awaits.

    Upon arriving in Kalambaka, relish a fulfilling dinner and unwind for a well-deserved rest.

    YPT Tip: Utilize your free time to visit the Temple of Athena Pronaia at Delphi.

    Overnight Kalambaka

  • Day 8



    Transcending Landscapes: The Voyage from Kalambaka to Attica

    Embarking early in the morning, you'll venture to Meteora, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. This enigmatic landscape seamlessly blends natural beauty with the timeless presence of monasteries suspended atop colossal rocks, aptly named "Meteora." Presently, six monasteries remain in use – five for male and one for female monastic communities.

    A reminder about dress code: Sleeveless clothing and shorts above the knee are prohibited. At the monastery entrances, skirts, shawls, and trousers are available for covering.

    En route to Athens, a brief stop at Thermopylae offers a glimpse of the statue honoring Spartan King Leonidas, renowned for his leadership during the historic battle against the Persians in 480 BC. As the day wanes, you'll return to Athens, where we'll drop you off at your hotel.

    YPT Tip: Meander through Kalambaka's old town and discover handmade wood-carved items, religious icons, as well as local delights like home-made sausages, honey, fruit sweets, jams, and the regional sweet treat "spatoula" or "halva."

    Overnight Athens 


  • Day 9



    A final day in Greece looking back soon at all of it

    As the designated time approaches, our driver will accompany you to Athens International Airport, where you can conveniently complete your check-in process and also avail yourself of the tax refund resulting from your last-minute tax-free shopping for your loved ones.

    Having shared these wonderful days with Greca, we look forward to welcoming you again in the near future, to craft fresh and exceptional memories that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

    Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey ahead! Or, in the words of the Greeks, "Kalo taksidi!"

    YPT Tip: As a thoughtful parting gesture, consider selecting from an array of vibrant flokati rugs, handcrafted sandals, embroidered covers, as well as Greek honey or olive oil.

About This Trip

What is included

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What is included

4-night Accommodation in Athens
1-night Accommodation in Olympia
1-night Accommodation in Delphi 1- night in Kalambaka
Acropolis Museum tour with an official English-speaking guide
Half-day city tour with an official English-speaking guide in Athens
Entrance fees to the archaeological sites as per description
Guided evening walking tour through Monastiraki, Plaka and Anafiotika
Ferry tickets with numbered seats Piraeus-Mykonos
All transfers as mentioned in this itinerary

What is excluded

Airfare ( Can be added via site or upon request )
Visas if applicable
Travel Insurance
Excursions not listed in Itinerary
Personal expenses, gratuities & tourist city tax

Sightseeing highlights

Discover the historic grandeur of the Acropolis, marveling at iconic structures like the Parthenon.
Plaka, where cobblestone streets lead you through a labyrinth of quaint shops, inviting cafes, and a delightful blend of old-world charm and modern allure
Pause at the Corinth Canal for a picturesque moment, capturing the iconic waterway that bridges the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Corinth
Experience the world-renowned Epidaurus Theater, known for its exceptional acoustics and ongoing use for diverse performances
Journey to Mycenae, where you can explore the ancient Acropolis, the iconic Lions Gate, and Agamemnon's tomb
Olympia stood as Ancient Greece's vital sanctuary, dedicated to the worship of Zeus, the foremost among the god

Travel highlights

Specific transfer information can be found here:
Explore renowned historical sites, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Hadrian's Gate, and the Panathenaic Stadium
We'll also have the privilege of immersing ourselves in the awe-inspiring Acropolis and exploring the fascinating Acropolis Museum.
Stroll and discover the delightful pathways of Plaka at your own pace, one that suits you
Pause at the Corinth Canal for a picturesque moment, capturing the iconic waterway that bridges the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Corinth
Pause at Thermopylae to witness the statue of Spartan King Leonidas


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